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Wolmanized® Wood Products

The Wolmanized name has long represented properly treated wood, and is the world’s best known brand of pressure-treated wood. Its creators have been leaders in the introduction of new products, new technologies, and unique marketing programs.

Below is a table summarizing one traditional treatment (CCA-C), three copper-based treatments (CA-B, CA-C, and μCA-C), and carbon-based PTI, the biggest development of the last decade.

Wolmanized wood products use only EPA-registered preservatives and are produced with mandatory third-party auditing programs.

Wolmanized® Residential Outdoor® wood is protected by Wolman® E copper azole preservative, either type B or type C (CA-C utilizes dissolved copper, μCA-C utilizes dispersed copper). With built-in Stabilyzr™ additive, this wood is backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal.

Wolmanized® Erawood Residential Outdoor® wood is protected by Wolman® AG (PTI) preservative. It is the fi rst nonmetallic, carbon-based treatment for residential projects. This wood has earned a listing in the GreenSpec® directory of environmentally preferable products. Stabilyzr™ additive is standard in the treatment of southern pine.

Wolmanized® Heavy Duty™ wood is protected by Wolman® CCA-C preservative.

Preservative Treatments

1 Limited to use category 3B only
2 Retention for heartwood species is 0.018
3 In applications that are normally dry, CCA-C and μCA-C treated wood can be used with minimal risk of signifi cant corrosion
4 No more corrosive to aluminum fl ashing than untreated wood of the same species and moisture content

The preservatives are products of Arch Wood Protection, Inc. and Arch Treatment Technologies, Inc., subsidiaries of Arch Chemicals, Inc., internationally respected as The Biocides Company. Arch is a member of the American Chemistry Council and has been awarded a Certifi cate of Conformance for meeting requirements of the Responsible Care Management System®.

GreenSpec is a registered trademark of BuildingGreen, Inc. Responsible Care and Responsible Care Management System are registered trademarks of the American Chemistry Council.

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The Three Faces of
Wolmanized® Residential Outdoor® Wood

Wolmanized® Residential Outdoor® wood is protected by copper azole preservative. For several years, this has been a formulation denoted Copper Azole type B (CA-B). This preservative is currently transitioning to a type C with reduced copper content.

Because of species differences, western species are being treated, or will be treated, with the dissolved copper version, CA-C, while, for eastern woods, the dispersed copper version (abbreviated μCA-C) may be preferred. [Note: The dispersed version consists of fi nely ground copper particles suspended in a treating solution. This imparts slightly different properties which affect retention, color, and corrosivity.]

The timing of the transition depends on the speed of standards acceptance, local markets, and plant modifications.

All three copper azole formulations can be used in wood at retention levels suitable for above ground, ground contact, and freshwater immersion applications. They are presently not recommended for saltwater immersion.

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