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2 Randy Johnson St. Superior, WI 54880 • Phone: 715.392.2231 Toll Free: 800.482.WOOD

Founded in 1984 by Guy Peterson, Peterson Wood Treating is an experienced, 3rd party inspected treating plant located in Superior, WI. Specializing in quality treated lumber products. Peterson Wood has grown in size and production for the past 20 years, and continues to grow every year. Started on a 7 acre lot, Peterson Wood has expanded to approximately 30 acres and 100,000 square footage of building. During this constant growth Peterson Wood has maintained an outstanding service record with exceptional shipping time.

Peterson Wood Treating serves retail lumber yards in the following states:
• Wisconsin
• Minnesota
• North and South Dakota
• Iowa
• Illinois
• Indiana
• Michigan

In May of 2001, Peterson Wood converted 1 of 2 wood treatment cylinders to an alternative wood treatment process called Wolmanized® Copper Azole. In January of 2004, the second treating cylinder was converted. Genuine Outdoor Wood™ carries the same limited-lifetime warranty and uses the same hardware recommendations as CCA. Developed in the mid-80’s, copper azole has been in use since 1992. This proven product protects the same as CCA while being less corrosive than other alternative treatments. Peterson Wood has had great success with copper azole and will continue to provide new cutting edge products to your yard.

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